Pleas of the Idolaters

As we gather our strength to stand against the dangers ahead, knowing the challenge will be difficult and the risks will be many, we hear many voices shuffle through our ranks slinking and skulking about. Driven mad by fear, their shuffle through anonymously with whispers and cries as they prepare to chase the sun instead of facing the darkness.

Some say “Perhaps we can learn to live with these people. The darkness will not be so bad”. They ignore the ruins in the distance and the devastation to imagine a lesser life that is still a future where they survive. We can learn from them and give up the days of optimism and hope to live in a crueler world where our desire to allow all things to all people builds an ever more violent war of all against all.

Others argue, “We can buy these people off” and then send our richest men to lead the fight not based on courage or hope, but because they will be bought into action. We have seen this before. Some buy an army for a season, and others get slaughtered, but what happens is the love of money inevitably turns those who we send forward into just more of the horde.

In the system, how different is the communist from the corporatist? Both are secularists. Both are amoral. Both are materialist. Each believes in their own survival, and the only difference is how they distribute the loot. Who amongst them believes in anything more than the power of man and the moment to survive?

Heaven forbid we abandon the just master of truth to accept such empty comforts, that we avoid the scavenger hunt to control and gather every last resource, to be the last person standing when the war of all against each other ends. Pray we become men once more, bound by loyalty to one another and to common cause, to build the future of goods, ideas, and services, and not of capital or control. We happy few are a brotherhood bound by loyalty to one another against the darkness.

Yet, we will be hated as those who speak truth ever shall be. The closer we come to the darkness, the more our light offends and causes such anger and resentment as truth blinds their eyes. Even our allies may argue this is too much, that we must move slowly, or wait a moment before beginning our charge, but the truth waits for no man and nor shall our crusade.

We smash idols. We do not defend them. We do not wait for leaders to solve our problems for us, hoping their strategy will redeem us when we can take the field for ourselves. We judge men by their actions, including our leaders. We do not accept excuses. Only the quest matters.

It is up to each person to find the courage in their heart to earnestly desire truth. We must gird ourselves against the accusations that will come, the names that those who want us to descend to their level of mediocrity will cry: Racist, sexist, bigot, xenophobe, Nazi. Would they be as the squeaking of mice eating rotten grain as we trample them and set forth in search of excellence!

We know ourselves. We earn our spots by merit, and we build our reputation through courage and excellence. We help our countrymen and protect our gentle ladies. We remember we have the blood of heroes and are the sons of patriots. We ride.