Gathering of the Clans

We who would face the darkness head on and ride forward anyway are a motley lot that seem at first glance to have little in common.  Having shed ourselves from those timid souls who chose to run to avoid the quest for which we are gathering, we look around and see unexpected allies, sometimes former enemies, sometimes strangers, yet all driven for some reason to challenge.

I see my faithful brethren gathered in contemplation and prayer.  For we, these times seem the fulfillment of prophecy and we see our herd thinned by those who have chosen to retreat and wait for the promised deliverance.  Such is their right, but others remember the majesty of heaven and the sacred charge we have to fight for justice in this world, remembering that good works are the sincere acknowledgment of genuine faith, and understanding that absent liberty, such grace will never reach the ears of the innocent who join us one by one each day, so many of whom have already fallen before the knives of the wicked horde reveling in the darkness.

Quietly, they gather in prayer and I kneel beside my brothers in praise and worship.  Only through faith shall we see this through, and we ask the blessings of the Almighty, and hope that for this challenging season, we may reap bountiful fruits from this bitter harvest amidst salt and ashes.  We break bread, and we remember our charge, thinking that we must face the enemy head on as has ever been the case, trusting to heaven those things it is not given for us to know.

The silence is contrasted by a loud and boisterous clan in another corner.  Loud and strong men, ripped with muscle and bolstered by spirit, who are ready for the fight and advance to face these challenges without fear.  They tell proud stories of their ancestors and their feats, swearing vows to earn the right to presence in the august company without shame.  The adversity ahead inspires them to rise to the challenge before us all, and we take heart in their courage and bravery, their rejection of fear as they live in the moment and understand that life is meant to be lived, not just contemplated and analyzed.

The scholars who walk amongst us could learn from these men.  They understand the future exists not in endless retreat or disengagement, but in pushing through the darkness to a the dawn of a new day in a land where choices can be made and healthy foundations can be discovered.  They squabble over a hundred different theories, peaceably enough, but find an unexpected strength and unity in knowing the fight must be had against the great nothing, and commit their skill, cleverness, and wisdom to expanding our ranks and restraining the temptations of our enemy.  We are promised the ability to revel endlessly if we but abandon our quest, and while so many have fallen, these men help us see the emptiness of this battle.

Would it surprise you to hear mothers walk alongside us?  They come with the ferocity of love for their little ones, desiring a future for the gentlest of us all, our future.  They want to seek new gardens where deep roots may be planted in a season of happiness and lights, where they can live joyfully with honest men, and where life can begin anew as it once was, and as we always long to find once more.  Battle is not their natural province, but the courage and conviction they express as our generation might be the last in failure is equal to that of any man, and they are the blood of the camp who move between groups giving hope, courage, and succor to our growing host.

They are guarded by the faithful warriors of the old laws.  These men remember justice and the dreams of liberty, keeping to the old code and finding strength in their ranks and discipline.  They hold their vows dear, and with practiced craftsmanship, shall surely take the vanguard for the fights ahead as their skill and prowess will be needed to teach us all how to overcome.  So many battles they fought in strange lands for abstruse causes, but now they have a final battle too long in the waiting.  The soldiers fight for us to honor their pledge and the sacrifice of all those who bled before.  We honor them deeply.

We see men and women of all generations and backgrounds, many who are alone in contemplation or hang uncertainly along the edge of the camp.  I go to meet them, one by one, to invite them into fellowship.  For he who stands with us is our brother, and in this fight to redeem our culture, we must find all who will support us to see this quest to completion.  We may poke fun at one another, and some will bristle as those of great talent and ability always shall, but we will remember our host is gathered to a cause of existential import.

Even as our numbers grow, we will never outnumber the horde which has descended into primitivism.  We know that, and we know their numbers will only grow.  Yet, we take heart in knowing we can stand together and forge a new beginning because we are better than them.  We still dream.  We proudly remember.  We are a nation reborn.