Least as Most

When the murals get painted and the statues are cast, there’s no doubt that the Crusade will be painted as gallant knights with fair damsels bidding them adieu.  Yet, the reality of a grand effort is far more mundane.  We are a motley lot of people which looks more like a circus than the movement which will remake a nation, but we share the perspective of outsiders who understand something is deeply wrong and are willing to act.

Learning not judge a book by its cover and something we must all do, which will be doubly challenging considering how aware we are of the many threats that we will encounter.  Yet, as much as we seek to revitalize the collective by seeking out truth and building unity through the quest, we also must recognize individuals who join us are born anew through the effort no matter how miserable they may have been before helping the grand effort.

There will be plenty of times for high-minded conflict in the realm of ideas, or direct confrontation with our enemies who celebrate the spreading of darkness across the land, but let us not overlook those whose skills we forget.  Let’s also celebrate those who post ideas as images, the code monkeys who put the ideas in front of those eyes, the spies who bring back useful intelligence, and even those double agents who reveal the plans of the enemy.  The gallant war we imagine will be a knife fight to the death before this is over, and it may come down to how well one can handle a shiv as the walls close in, metaphorically, or in reality.

We need to be very real that we are facing a time in our history where the gulags may be around the corner, and the guillotines are waiting at the end of a boxcar ride.  As much as those of us coming from the true right are painted with a deceptive picture of our intents, the reason this happens is to build the justification for the inhumane acts which will be planned against us should we become more effective or should power slip to the communists.  Go read Solzhenitsyn and prepare yourself for what will be done for those who offer dissent.

The West has forgotten that power is not guaranteed by some piece of paper or claim to title, but by the force men put behind those ideals.  We will have to remember that again, and in this fight, our brothers and our sisters will be those who stand beside us.  This will look different than we expect, but that’s a challenge we must rise to accept, and not to overlook anyone who can contribute because we don’t understand them precisely.  After all, if not for Gollum, would not the Ring have endured still?

I’m not telling you what to believe.  I have my reasons for doing this, some of which I share, and some of which are my own.  The ones that matter most are to protect my kin, honor my ancestors, create a better future, and honor my Lord.  But the important thing is to recognize we can have different reasons but be honorable allies if we fight the same enemy which essentially are those who seek to make us all the same, a most wicked reduction of all that is good to a regressive mean, the very opposite of the diversity they so claim to endorse.

We will face many perils along the way, and things will not always be as they seem.  So let’s resolve to be honest with one another, and if you don’t get the most handsome crew or the prettiest optics, understand that we’re an insurgency cutting through the lies of forked tongues with cleansing fire that will cast us all in a better light when daylight reveals what this darkness sought so long to hide.  It will hurt to learn certain truths, but you’re better served to fight for reality than descend to fantasy.

I tell the story this way to make it easier.  But remember our heroes look a lot like you before the flowery words are allowed to change the narrative to something we remember as a folk tale.