Money, Power, or Love

Amongst those who have not already descended into madness, about whom we can say nothing save that we hope they find themselves or the help required to reach a level of sanity, we can look beyond the boundaries of the Crusade to see three motives are what move men’s hearts in these later days.  To be honest, I think each person values each of these to some extent, but the balance determines so much of how one moves.

There are those who face the shortening days and think it is a time to horde, to gather, to possess, and whether they choose to waste all they collect or sit upon a pile of soon to be ashes, the usurious are all driven by this same love of stuff, represented as the love of money.  There has rarely ever been a darker magic introduced into this world than seeing a slip of paper, a shiny coin, or a progression of ones and zeroes make men into such different beings than does this dark magic.  Did you think it any accident so many occult symbols adorn our dollars and that we offer such praise to them in how we structure our lives to gather their number, or even treat our success in collection as the very means of our worth?

We imagine the struggle we fight is new, but in truth, it is one of the oldest of human history.  The idea that we can own tomorrow and convert the world into stuff absent meaning has long led civilization astray and comfort has ever been the path to decadence, indifference, and collapse.  We see the monuments and statues of those who came before, surviving still even in these turbulent times, and wonder what happened to the builders.  Could it be that when people stop building and start settling, looking to make money instead of building a future and real goods and useful services, that something precious is lost?

It is the fashion of the time to treat money as just another tool, or a fair way of measuring one good against another.  In the simple marketplace or in barter, this is true enough, but how long does it become before the mind that thinks only in dollars and sense seeks to trade all he has to gather more?  Would he sell his people out to collect more money?  I think the cities of abandoned factories speak to America’s truths, wastelands that are miles long where the profit margin was in the land of the rising sun, and so capital migrated.  That serene explanation hides the greater truth which is the people were sold out.

Some who realize this gather in anger and seek power for its own sake.  They want justice, to change the laws of nature and reality to conform to our ideals of morality, and they will gather power.  We see these people, angry warriors who are not part of our crusade, yet build their own settlements against the coming storms and take their vengeance out on their own people.  They tear down what came before, and tear down anything that isn’t new, seeking to detach themselves from reality itself and claim power for humanity, a new religion of power over meaning.

Their game always ends up a contest where one must control the other.  Except, in this time, the person who is the greatest victim ends up winning this inversion of reality because nature itself is their enemy.  So, we see these people mutilate themselves and call it liberation.  It is a triumph over sanity, a celebration of the absurd, and for a season, it seems they might yet take control.  But nature is a cruel mistress and as surely as the cold mountain winds blow through my bones, so too shall the cleansing fire of this storm strip away all falsity and reveal only those who placed their life in balance with nature shall endure to see the other side of the conflagration.

We see those who love money gather under the symbol of the elephant, and those who love power ironically select a jackass as their mascot.  Yet, what symbol shall we who choose a different path, in faith and fidelity to one another as people, select as our own?  We may find it easier to walk amongst the elephant herd as gentle as they are, but we do not sell our own but instead seek a different way of viewing this world.

The Crusade is in harmony with nature, shows respect and veneration to our people, defends liberty as a means unto grace rather than degeneracy and perversion, and is covetous only of greater truth and the unity that portends.  We don’t see one another as goods to trade or mouths to feed, but minds to nurture and a future to build based upon a common exploration with a wide variety of opportunities for the future.  We seek to build a nation out of the ashes of Empire, and whether our corner of the world ends up small or we inherit the very Earth itself, our search obliges us to continue and while we may trade with the other two camps, we are a third way.

We love our people.  We listen to them.  We honor them.  We do our best for them.  This campaign aspires to no more and no less.