I actually prefer not talking about myself, but since people always have questions, I’ll try to share a little bit more about me. I was living, mostly happily, a life of deliberate obscurity in rural Maine where my big problems were trying to how to save a health center and build playgrounds for children. After years of working dead-end jobs, and life sucking efforts in the corporate world, I decided to devote my talents to helping people.

Unfortunately, that was not permitted, as I was attacked in a national and international news story for being a person with some small authority who made two controversial statements: I said that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization, a moral stance I continue to defend, and that people should have the right to associate freely with whomever they want. Given that I lived of my own free choice in a community that was 98% White, I defended the interests of Whites, and was ruthlessly attacked and indeed, terminated for my job for refusing to speak against my own race. I didn’t do it then, I won’t do it now.

An interesting thing happened after that. After getting a settlement enough to sustain my wonderful wife Dana and I for about half a year, the attacks didn’t end. I became public enemy number one of a segment of the rabid left, who had billion dollar entities fighting for victims to stop oppression by a broke unemployed guy living in the Maine woods. It didn’t add up to me either, but as my father taught me, when attacked, one does not back down if one has the right of things and that’s what caused me to put my logical sense and whatever deductive skills Swarthmore taught me to the test in understanding better what was happening in the world.

Since then, I’ve written five books including my most recent effort End the Con, which are available in electronic, paperback, and audio format at Amazon.com. For those who want to understand me better, start there, as I write about the history of how America got so messed up, why a civil war is very possible, how nationalism can be a solution, and a guide for keeping sanity in these crazy times. More will be coming, I love writing more than campaigning, but knowing a problem is coming obliged me to make my very best effort as a less than ideal candidate.

You should know I talk to everyone, including people who are far more hardcore than I am. Some are offensive, but my basic philosophy is we are better served to engage one another than to just uselessly signal against people with whom we disagree. Furthermore, it’s more stupidity the Left imposes on the Right, and I’m not going to play their game, so I will talk to whomever I like whenever I like. Your worst person on the Alt-Right doesn’t have a trail of bodies like our former Secretary of State, yet we pretend for some reason the big names are better than us. They’re not.

I joke that I’m the poorest guy in the race, and there’s something important to that. I would love to write a story of my many great successes, but I haven’t had those. I’ve had things go wrong, and frequently. But I learned from failure how to deal with problems, I know from experience how real world policies effects working men and women of all types, and I share the frustrations that are only abstractions to those live behind gates in their self-appointed cages. I’m the voice of the everyman, and so if I can sometimes be direct or uncouth, maybe it’s time we had someone who brought a reality check to the contest.

As for today, I’m thirty-eight years old, have no children as yet, but am hoping one day that might be possible. Dana and I have six turtles, ten snakes, and a lot more laughs than tears, which is good because my wife went undiagnosed with Lyme Disease for many years. She is now receiving treatment for her affliction, which isn’t even covered by insurance despite her having immense pain, seizures, and other difficulties. To all the Lymies, we’re fighting for recognition too, and it would be nice if either party cared as much about the suffering of our people as the plight of those not even born here.

But that’s the problem: We have no loyalty in America or to America. That’s what killing culture does, and I’ll talk about that often, as well as my faith. It’s no secret I think abandoning Christianity has been a disaster for the West, and whether one professes this faith or not, it’s worth asking what happens when there is no common belief, and if love, hope, and charity were such a bad consensus to build around. But I am here to reach out to the voiceless, and whatever happens in this campaign, to build for our future in success or struggle.

What I am doing is an act of selflessness and love because I know how brutally we will be attacked for speaking truth and the very real dangers which must follow. But I am going out there each day to say things others will not to demonstrate we can and indeed, we must speak for what we know to be right and true. I only ask you add your voice to mine when you agree, because no man can do this alone. This campaign isn’t ultimately about me; it’s about you.