Sticking To My Guns

Tom’s First Pledge: I will honor the First Amendment, repeal the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which shields publishers from liability for censorship, and seek antitrust action against Google, et al to open up the ideas marketplace. No more censorship, no more thought crime, and no law enforcement targeting of dissent.

Tom’s Second Pledge: I pledge to restore the Second Amendment to its complete full form as envisioned by Patrick Henry in 1788 without all the absurd regulations designed to constrict our citizenry from the right to self-defense against an out of control Federal Government.

Tom’s Third Pledge: All wars in the Middle East will be brought to an expeditious end with troops to be returned within the first six months from Afghanistan as well as Saudi Arabia, with immediate work to follow to cancel all alliances in that region.

Tom’s Fourth Pledge: We will end the Federal Reserve Bank, returning the dollar to the US Treasury, and seek to remove ourselves from the debt driven inflation building usury loving system of the petrodollar. We will work to erase the debt and have balanced budgets with a new sound approach to currency.

Tom’s Fifth Pledge: I will take the fight to the cultural Marxists. We will make it so they cannot monopolize control of the media – returning independent local control for each station or paper. We will stop funding their sick universities with our tax dollar money and allow the kids who learned this garbage a refund through being able to file bankruptcy on these debts. And we are going after the nonprofits which live off government spending. Their days of intimidation are over.

Tom’s Sixth Pledge: I will put the military on the border, remove everyone here illegally, and make it happen quickly by going after those Americans who break the law to help enable their presence in our country. Then, I will shut down immigration into this country, no longer surrendering our nation to economic interests, until we get a moratorium on immigration. I am willing to shut down all trade if necessary until we get an end to this charade.

Additional Note:  I vehemently oppose red flag laws at both the national and state level because they represent a violation of the Second Amendment, a presumptive attack against the First Amendment, an encroachment upon the Fourth Amendment about having a basis to restrict some right with a warrant, and given the insane definitions of mental health commonly applied, represent a threat against every gun owner in this country.  I oppose them and recommend voting out any representative without regard to party who would even consider such foolishness.

Whispers on the Wind

It’s easy for people to succumb to the rolling accusations that seem to fall endlessly from the sky to promote doubt and uncertainty.  A strange and chill wind blows through the land making it hard to speak, drowning out all conversation, yet this foul emanation is felt most strongly whenever one dares to exercise reason or good conduct.


Money, Power, or Love

Amongst those who have not already descended into madness, about whom we can say nothing save that we hope they find themselves or the help required to reach a level of sanity, we can look beyond the boundaries of the Crusade to see three motives are what move men’s hearts in these later days.  To be honest, I think each person values each of these to some extent, but the balance determines so much of how one moves.


Least as Most

When the murals get painted and the statues are cast, there’s no doubt that the Crusade will be painted as gallant knights with fair damsels bidding them adieu.  Yet, the reality of a grand effort is far more mundane.  We are a motley lot of people which looks more like a circus than the movement which will remake a nation, but we share the perspective of outsiders who understand something is deeply wrong and are willing to act.


The Ballad of Donny Do Nothing

So wild his mane and fair his health
He loves to show off all his wealth
He serves just one, his arrogant self
We call him Donny Do Nothing

The border lands are overrun
The dollar is high, so have some fun
What else could any man have done
Let’s celebrate Donny Do Nothing

All those who call another name
Avoid their facts and send them shame
Our golden idol is above all blame
Praise be to Donny Do Nothing

The problems grow, it’s not his fault
Just four more years, he’ll kick them out
But don’t you share that in a shout
Just trust in Donny Do Nothing

When he is gone. we’ll surely cry
For liberty and life then shall die
Because we could not even try
For more than Donny Do Nothing.

Friend or Foe?

A young boy comes to his father after a strenuous afternoon of waving his sword about at flies and other dangerous creatures threatening him and their family.  The father smiles as he sees the natural protective instinct manifest in what will be one day be a strong young man whose job will be to protect the family and he invites his boy to come sit over and chat with him. (more…)

Kindling Hearts Grown Cold

Those of us who are on this crusade have much time to think, and as we gather together for what comfort we can find while the cold winds mock us as we approach the unhappy horizon, long bouts of silence are not uncommon as we delve deeply into our mind’s eye to ask what brought us here.


The Gap of Disbelief

In previous writings, I’ve spoken about the strategic liability of the nationalist position as being a lack of effective networking and organization, as hyper individualism promotes a high level of individual efficiency but at the cost of cohesion in social networking.  The inability to work as a collective unit in support of a common goal absent compelling leadership perhaps best explains why ideas which were popular have been gradually but effectively diminished and delegitimized in the social sphere.  As such, it has become common for those who support nationalism to develop a bunker mentality, a strictly defensive mindset, an outlook that veers toward the paranoid and with political disappointment a recurring system failure improperly addressed, an ever-growing gap of disbelief.


Gathering of the Clans

We who would face the darkness head on and ride forward anyway are a motley lot that seem at first glance to have little in common.  Having shed ourselves from those timid souls who chose to run to avoid the quest for which we are gathering, we look around and see unexpected allies, sometimes former enemies, sometimes strangers, yet all driven for some reason to challenge.


Pleas of the Idolaters

As we gather our strength to stand against the dangers ahead, knowing the challenge will be difficult and the risks will be many, we hear many voices shuffle through our ranks slinking and skulking about. Driven mad by fear, their shuffle through anonymously with whispers and cries as they prepare to chase the sun instead of facing the darkness.