A Different Campaign

Welcome to the first campaign of the 21st Century.  Living in such an interconnected world, it becomes imperative that rather than this being a stolid affair where I mindlessly repeat a message at you like a drone, we work together as a collaborative to reclaim our nation. The challenge will be the many areas where we invariably must disagree, but my whole candidacy rests on a very simple premise. Our job is to tell truths and reveal lies.

We might disagree on the former, and those are the healthy discussions about which a campaign should orbit. However, as challenging as the truth can sometimes prove to determine, it is often far easier to unmask lies through their self-serving and often hypocritical nature. This campaign will see me calling out the lies that we have often pretended were universal truths because those understandings are killing this country, our ability to engage one another, and are the means through which a great and wicked corruption is overtaking us.

You’ll also note I don’t shy away from casting moral judgments. I am no relativist, and while I recognize liberty serves us all in allowing a degree of personal choice which is healthy, natural, and necessary, we live in a world where compulsion is increasingly exerted to force people into one mode of thinking. We are told who are victims, whom we cannot question, and what we must support, and lose our jobs, friends, or status for speaking out. That isn’t going to fly anymore, and my commitment to free speech is unwavering and absolute.

I will be accused, inevitably, of hate speech, for saying some things are better than others. I am well accustomed to these fights because I argue diversity comes with a price in the unity we lose, that tolerance is nothing more than practiced indifference, and that a culture that treats truth as relative will defend nothing and will eventually die. America, perhaps with the best of intentions, has walked that path for a dangerously long time, and I believe as a people we need to rediscover some common truths for which we can fight together. I look to our traditions and to nature as inspiration, and to ending this charade where the threat of being called a name silences legitimate inquiry.

So, we will offend but we need to do so. Consider ideas on the merit, and make up your own mind. If you like mine, help me.

I won’t be bought. I fought long and hard to be able to say what I really think and my opinions are not for sale. Perhaps that is the virtue of being the poorest man in the race. And my campaign will operate on those same lean principles. We are going to cap donations at $300/month/person so you can be certain no one is buying this candidacy. What I hope for is a strong base of small donors, and I’m asking people to consider a $30 recurring monthly donation. Give me a dollar per day, and the chance to make a difference.

As we develop, we’re going to seek to include volunteers within the campaign, and to bring on staff. Don’t wait for me to catch up to you to do what needs to be done. This is decentralized and we will swarm social media and the streets alike with a message of truth and liberation. We must find our own and become better citizens, and I will do what I can to keep up with you, because a movement dependent upon one leader will not save us. The rebirth of the American citizen with revolutionary zeal in support of liberty and against degeneracy just might.