End the Con

In the same way that I am not running a traditional campaign, this website will not be your usual campaign website. While you will find the usual features about policy positions, how to volunteer, and how to donate, the primary purpose of this entire candidacy is to draw attention to the many con games being played in America today.

Let’s start with Washington. Survey after survey reveals Americans have no confidence in any branch of their government, and we’re right to do so. DC has become an auction house where policy is sold to the highest bidder, the angriest lynch mob, or the most corrupt organization. Whether it is the petty theft of reparations or the massive graft of corporate contracts, we see the pursuit of money has degraded our nation from any semblance of value, decency, or propriety.

The Democrats have become a party that is trying to change the demographics of America through an open-borders policy so they can realize one party rule and try to walk the path of Joseph Stalin. The Republicans, instead of opposing this, seem most worried about how they can squirrel away every nickel to be made by selling our business overseas while trying to not offend the sensibilities of a rabid media and the perpetual victim class they create.

Our major institutions are no better. We see banking and finance create money from thin air to ensure their perpetual overlordship over the chaos while the professors teach Americans to hate their heritage and their identity. Big business chases profits without regard to the impact on human lives, and big technology has taken upon itself the role to become our censors lest we become too agitated that we are being screwed.

For the little guys like you and I, this means we have to work ever harder to achieve less. If you happen to be white, male, conservative, Christian, or hetero, this means you can be targeted and branded for being the cause of all that is terrible. In reality, these identities represent the core of many great American who have bravely strived to keep themselves and their families above water as the corruption becomes greater and less sustainable. But we now live in upside-down world where the victim is considered moral, and the provider is considered oppressive.

Politicians aren’t supposed to tell you America is on the verge of collapse from its own decadence. But I will, and in the effort to prevent an impending civil war, the revenge of nature against these and many other unsustainable contradictions, this website exists to help walk us back from the brink with honest and painful lucidity, in a campaign to help America become sane again. The time for empty promises and useless rhetoric must end.

I need your help. Money is great, volunteers are better, but what I need most is for you to use your minds, your mouths, and your fingers. I ask only one thing: Speak truth and reveal lies. While it would be great if we agreed more than not, what matters most if that we make impossible those deceits which are repeatedly endlessly among polite society to survive. This site will begin this crusade against dishonesty, degeneracy, and our disintegration.

I offer one vision of how we might succeed rooted in nationalism, a belief that we need to start putting our people before slavish obedience to systems or ideology. Our hope now cannot come from our institutions or our government – we need to reform all, remove many, and should replace the entire government wholesale. But it could come from our citizens, in loyalty to one another, in defense of our liberty, and against this corrupt so-called democracy.

My belief in the solutions I offer is genuine, as is my willingness to correspond, communicate, and collaborate with those wanting to restore America. That’s more than you’re likely to get elsewhere, because I think we all know that our country no longer serves our people – a situation must either change or end. I do not believe we have even one more election before the demographic shift makes a peaceful transition possible, so that is why this campaign must succeed now.