Fighting Corruption

It is no accident the richest counties in America are those which directly surround Washington DC. Americans understand that the Beltway has turned into a revolving door between contractors, bureaucrats, politicians, and donors, where our hard-earned tax dollars are traded like Monopoly money. We have seen successive efforts at reform fail as the money in the system finds new ways to shift between the greasers and the swindlers.

There is no simple answer to these problems, but my commitment to you is to be overwhelmingly aggressive in rooting the corruption out of government, with the certainty that should I succeed, there will be massive firings within all sectors of the Federal bureaucracy. The abysmal behavior of the Federal bureaucracy after the election of President Trump demonstrated for the world to see the ongoing and unending efforts to thwart the will of the people. While he has chosen to work with the Swamp in hopes of reform, I would not be so generous.

We do not need leadership to come from the same tired retreads, and you can expect most senior level administrators to be dismissed in favor of new leadership from the American citizens. Should departments prove unwilling or unable to act, or should they try to halt the efforts of my administration through a campaign of media leaks designed to degrade confidence in the American people, I will not hesitate to fire whole departments. The American people demand government that serves them, not which serves their own petty interest.

Now, to address the other side of the equation, taking money out of politics requires a commitment to decentralization and returning power to the States. We will look for every reasonable opportunity to return autonomy to state level government, will ban the use of foreign money from lobbying Washington, and with the experience of someone who spent years working in government purchasing, I have a pretty good idea of how and where corruption resides in the maze of contracts and agreements. Your money will be spent better. As proof, look for debt reduction and a balanced budget requirement to be high on the agenda.

Lastly, I am disgusted with how the intelligence and law enforcement services like the CIA and FBI have worked for years against the interest of the people through racketeering, drug trafficking, subverting elections, illicit wiretaps, and the list goes on. Reforming that sector, given their willingness to do at home what they were only supposed to do abroad, will be dangerous and painful, but can only happen if we commit all our energies to bringing the American government back into proper relations with the American people.

America has been run like a coup since we ignored the warnings of Eisenhower about the military industrial complex, and since Jack Kennedy was shot for daring to tell the Deep State no. We have drifted for far too long in an orbit where our nation has been hostage to our government. This is the con we must now end.