Foreign Affairs

I oppose the doctrine of preemptive war, believe America should not and must not try to play global hegemon, and will work to draw down our forces intelligently and safely.

I propose we return to a modern-day equivalent of the Monroe Doctrine, choosing nationalism over globalism, and recognizing the primary interest of America rests in the Western Hemisphere.

The wars in the Middle East must end. I propose a unilateral pull-out from the Middle East and the cancellation of all alliances therein. Having achieved energy independence, America must take this opportunity to extract ourselves from those situations, to save both blood and treasure, and to allow those sovereign nations to chart their own course. In the same vein, the time has come to leave Afghanistan.

The United Nations is another corrupt global institution whose time should come to an end. America will leave the United Nations, abandon our foolish involvement in global governance, and instead seek to enter into concert with China, Russia, and other great powers to create a simpler global system for peace rooted in realism and based in spheres of influence. America should not pretend we can afford to fight a world war over Ukraine or Taiwan and working intelligently to recognize our actual interests for our people as opposed to those in the military industrial complex who push us into expensive and bloody overreach is overdue.

With respect to NATO, I would support a new mission that would see the final goal to be the safe emplacement of the millions of refugees back to their countries of origins to liberate the European nations from the dangers they are facing, an action which would create an opportunity to work with Russia to provide logistical support for the humanitarian effort to return people to their own cultures and provide security in the Mediterranean. Should Europe choose otherwise, the United States will leave NATO and focus our security on the Western Hemisphere, with potential outposts in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan reflecting our historical friendship and ties.

I support a massive reduction in foreign aid with money saved to be devoted toward solving the burgeoning and unaddressed American debt. Part of our negotiations about our withdrawal from foreign spheres will include shifting the dollar from the oil basis that has spawned so many wars to something more sustainable.