I support ending all immigration into the United States. The failure to integrate and assimilate new immigrants into our country and into a common culture is of the utmost import, and to effectively begin this process, we must close our borders to all new applicants, including asylum seekers, for the indefinite future. The United States shall withdraw from any international treaties obliging us to accept foreign aliens from any global migration compacts.

Birthright citizenship shall be suspended to prevent further anchor babies from claiming citizenship with the requirement at least one parent be a naturalized American citizen. Amnesty shall be rejected. The Hart-Celler Act of 1965 shall be rescinded. Chain migration shall also be rescinded.

All persons here illegally should be returned to their lands of origin, safely, with families intact. Those who voluntarily surrender themselves will be provided transportation in a safe and respectful manner. To expedite this process, persons found guilty of harboring illegal aliens or who knowingly employ illegal aliens will be subject to severe penalties in accordance with existing laws. Local and state governments which refuse to adhere to these rules shall be held to account for their violation of the Ninth Amendment.

The Southern Border will be militarized by our military until such time as a permanent southern border wall can be completed. Additionally, the United States will hold Mexico to account with the cancellation of any trade agreements and foreign aid unless they enforce their southern border for which the United States will gladly provide technical and personnel assistance.

Visa overstays will be sought out and removed with the same vigilance with which the southern border will be defended.

Existing immigrants who are here legally and have entered the process will have the opportunity to complete their accession to citizenship provided they commit no felonious offenses or violent crimes.

I do not recognize judicial supremacy over the executive branch in this area, reserved to the President in the Constitution, to defend the homeland against the ongoing invasion of economic migrants posing as asylum seekers. Action to repulse the invasion will begin on day one, undertaken by executive authority alone.