The Bill of Rights is being shredded today, and it’s time we begin pushing back strongly for our basic liberties.

I am absolutely committed to defending free speech and political discourse, as well as the right to associate or dissociate freely. This trend we have in America of forcing everyone to do things they do not want must end and peaceful co-existence will require much less compulsion. People must be permitted to say what they think, and Silicon Valley will not be allowed to place their feelings above our Constitution any longer.

Put bluntly, if Facebook and Google decide they are going to censor the right any longer, I will see them broken up as monopolies and as tyrannies. It is not hate-speech to dissent from progressivism and to defend Western Civilization.

I also want to add my absolute support for religious liberty and that the war on Christians will end. I accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior, believe His grace is what ensures our liberty in natural law, and will do everything to ensure freedom of conscience is protected against both criminal and civil suit designed to compel people toward unwanted action.

Because we cannot trust our government not to oppress us, I support opening up the Second Amendment. I support reciprocity for concealed carry between states, for using the Second Amendment to support Federal supremacy to remove all laws banning access to guns in state and municipalities, and removing the Hughes Amendment against automatic firearms.

For too long, we have been on the defensive on this issue, and the reason we need weapons is truer than ever – our protection depends on it. People who are well armed are well behaved, and the false media fears that guns are the cause of violence ignore the reality that places where guns are the most restricted, all other things being equal, are the places where the most violence happens between people and where the state also is most willing to impose mandates against individual liberty.

We should repeal the Patriot Act and stop this march toward thought crime. The right to privacy is essential, and we have seen these last few years all the sordid ways in which our own FBI has violated the basic constitutional protections of our citizens. The entire law enforcement apparatus at the Federal level might need to be scrapped lest it becomes a weapon against the people.

Judicial overreach is another major issue where we see unelected figures working constantly far beyond their mandates and any reasonable interpretation of existing law to force policy on the American people. We should scrap the entire Ninth Circuit Court which makes up law as it goes and consider seriously the wisdom of returning power from judges to juries as they have served as a force against liberty.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering the Tenth Amendment makes clear the Federal government doesn’t have the authority to do much of what it does. I will work to return power to the states where possible beyond defending our borders, our people, and our culture. America won’t work as a one-size fits all solution, so trying to impose economic policies for every facet of life is a fool’s errand.

But the most important thing for liberty is we need active citizens. It must necessarily be that a government fears its people, or the people will fear their government. We must resume the latter, or we will end up regretting our inaction later.