To work toward the creation of a common culture built on work, effort, and achievement, I support ending all programs, incentives, requirements, and laws which provide for race-based preferences or advantages. The path to civil rights is fulfilled when Americans are regarded strictly on the merits of their talent and character, and rejects the inherently racist logic of reparations and quotas.

To support American success, our government will enact policies designed to protect American business, ensure fair trade, including the use of tariffs where necessary to help promote, sustain, and develop domestic manufacturing, energy production, resource fulfillment, and intellectual property. We will support programs to hire American, buy American, and to realize a goal of having domestic sourcing for all our needs.

Improvement of the education system must be a goal to accomplish meritocracy as we have seen throwing money at the problem has only increased corruption. This government will act to destroy the corporate media monopolies and return ownership of media to individuals in their local areas. We will remove the government from funding student loans to no longer subsidize the hate America policies which are so profligate on college campuses.

In contrast, we will support the development of diversified solutions to education and media, allowing individual choice and market forces to help, with a renewed emphasis on citizenship, and an end to the bias against both private and Christian schooling as alternatives. We support free speech as our highest value, and will work to protect it in school, offline, and online, requiring corporations whose presence warrants such to adhere to the same standards used in public discourse throughout America.

Only when the war against tradition and heritage ends can we rebuild from the disaster that has been multiculturalism to a new future based on merit, respect, and common value which is a conversation we must enter into openly and freely to build a better future. We must become one people in common concert, and continue the pursuit of fairness from the grasp of those who exploit us all for their narrow gain.